About Us

Creative director, Annie Adams has always been able to capture the beauty in all things. She believes every woman should feel beautiful, because beauty lies within us all. Adams earned her fashion merchandising education later in life. It wasn't until several years later, that she discovered her love for fashion design. She always knew that she had an unique perception of her surroundings, which sparked her interest to create. Adams want women to experience the beauty that she sees everyday, by designing well constructed garments with comfortable, yet luxurious fabrics. Her designs embrace the womanly curves with sophistication.

The A. Ahni brand focuses on bringing customers exceptional service and quality merchandise. Our vision is to make women feel beautiful, confident, sophisticated and feminine through the clothes that she wears. A. Ahni offers clothing that contains a modern twist to the classic look. As a brand, we embrace femininity and sexuality in our garments, because the A. Ahni woman knows the power of femininity.

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